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Orbitum Browser


Fast browser that blocks annoying ads!Browse internet pages on your mobile phone using Orbitum for Android. It looks great with a shiny new material design and loads web pages blazing fast!
Here’s why Orbitum is special:
- Optimized for Speed - fast page load times and reduced data usage;- A built-in adblocker will help you to get rid of annoying fraudulent ads and SMS scams- Secure - keeps your browsing safe and private;- Autosuggest – the browser understands the site you want to visit from the first letters of the URL you have entered;- Voice Search - we use Google voice search technology, which allows to browse the web without typing;- Quick Access - every new tab has a set of your favourite sites for quick access and you can easily edit them;
Please don’t hesitate to submit your feedback and help us make Orbitum the best browser for mobile. You can reach out using the contact form on our website:
About OrbitumWe’re a small team of web developers from St. PetersburgCheck our website - http://orbitum.comFollow us on Twitter –